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Answers to Your Summer Insurance Questions - Part One - Car Related

We're renting a car for our vacation. Do we need rental insurance?

Probably not. If you have full coverage on your auto, it will also apply to most rental cars with the same coverage limits and deductibles. So, if you carry comprehensive and collision coverage on your auto policy, you'll be protected against physical damage to your rental car. Your liability coverage will also apply when you get behind the wheel of your rental.

What if something gets stolen out of our rental?

If you have a homeowners, renters or condo policy, any personal belongings you keep in the rental car should be covered, too.

Are there times when it makes sense to get rental car insurance?

     Yes - and here are a few reasons when:

     If you have high deductibles on your auto policy: Rental car insurance coverage often carries no or low deductibles, so you could pay much less or nothing out of pocket on a claim vs. if you have a high deductible on your personal auto policy.             

     You want to avoid claims on your auto policy: With rental car insurance, you would file a claim with the rental car company, which avoids a potential rate increase on your personal auto policy.            

     You don't carry comp or collision coverage: If you don't carry comprehensive or collision coverage on your personal auto policy, adding a loss-damage waiver can protect you against physical damage to your rental car.             

     You're renting abroad: Most U.S. auto policies only provide coverage in the U.S. and Canada. If you're traveling outside the U.S. or Canada and are looking to rent, you’ll need to purchase liability and physical coverage on the rented vehicle.

     You're renting a large truck:  Your personal auto policy extends coverage to rental vehicles but there is a limitation. Once the Gross Vehicle Weight goes beyond 10,000 lbs, you'll need to purchase physical damage coverage.

We're traveling with a car top carrier. Is everything in it protected?

Your homeowners policy should cover the carrier itself as well as everything inside it in the event it's damaged or stolen.