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Landlord Insurance

from Charles Meyer Insurance Agency

Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, you provide a critical service in Missouri, ensuring that renters have the property options they need to live and work in the region. Here at Charles Meyer Insurance Agency, we want to make sure that you have the protection and coverage you need to keep on providing this service to your rental clients. This is why we connect you with leading landlord insurance organizations, helping you find the perfect coverage at a price that suits you.

Get a landlord protection policy to ensure that you, your property, and your tenants have the right coverage. Protect your assets by working with a specialized insurance provider offering the right kind of coverage. Reach out today, or use the form to get a quote.

Choose Your Protection Level

Landlord protection in Missouri can vary greatly. With our support, you can make sure that you choose the policy that meets your needs. This means bearing in mind the following:

  • Property Type - The landlord insurance policy you need may depend upon the type of property you own. For example, do you need insurance for a house you are renting out, or for an apartment lease?
  • Property Assets - The value of your property's assets, including any belongings you are providing along with the property rental, will also need to be taken into account. Make sure your coverage protects your investment in your property.
  • Coverage Level - You may need coverage against other eventualities, such as legal claims of libel or slander brought against you, personal injury claims, or wrongful eviction claims. Consider choosing a policy that can cover all of this, providing maximum protection.
  • Additional Coverage - It may be cost-effective to take out a more comprehensive insurance policy to protect you and your business. You may choose a personal umbrella liability policy or another combined policy to achieve optimal protection.

Explore the Market with Expert Assistance and Guidance

Choosing a landlord protection insurance policy is a serious decision. Not only do you need to have all the different insurance options at your fingertips, but you also need to know that you have the proper industry experts on your side, providing guidance and support as you make your choice.

The Charles Meyer Insurance Agency team makes sure of this for you. Get in touch with us to get started and to find out more. You can call us at  314-894-1313, or use the form right here on the website.