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Flood Insurance

from Charles Meyer Insurance Agency

Flood Insurance

Some areas of Missouri are more prone to flooding than others, and many regions are particularly susceptible to high risks. To protect yourself and your property, you may need a flood insurance policy.

The Charles Meyer Insurance Agency team can help you find the policy you need. We bring together insurance products from a number of different providers to give you a comprehensive choice. Reach out to the team at 314-894-1313 or use the form here on this page to request a quote.

Flood Coverage and Insurable Property Assets

When a flood strikes, the results can be devastating. Floodwaters can rise quickly and cause serious damage to permanently installed assets and other items of value. This is why you need a comprehensive insurance policy in order to achieve protection.

Property Assets

Your property needs to be protected by your flood damage insurance policy. This will include the following:

  • The building itself, including the foundations
  • The building's systems, such as electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Any equipment that has been permanently installed in the building, such as a built-in stove or range
  • Any furnishings that have been permanently installed, such as some types of carpet.

Contents Assets

The right flood insurance coverage in Missouri can protect all of the contents of your property. These include anything that can be damaged by floodwater, such as:

  • Electronic equipment, including portable electronics
  • Other pieces of equipment, such as cooking stoves or furnaces
  • Soft furnishings, such as beds, sofas, and carpets
  • Clothing and other personal items
  • Any belongings of value, such as collectibles or other pieces
  • Anything within the property that is not covered under property assets

Land Assets

Damage to your land outside of the boundaries of your building may not be covered by all flood insurance policies. If you want to protect your outdoor spaces, including recreational garden areas and commercial agricultural assets, you may need a specialized insurance policy to guarantee this.

Find the right flood protection insurance policy for you. Get the guidance you need from our flood coverage experts. Call us at 314-894-1313, or use the form here on the website to get in touch and request a quote for your coverage.